End of Dreams

Another Job

The party looks for work while in Galifar, and finds a few possibilities.  They have the opportunity to travel north to Merentha, or to make a medicine run to the east to Blackwater.

They opt  to travel east, and begin wandering south.  On the road they encounter Kalen, a fire mage who is fighting for his life against monstrous attackers.  He tags along with the party back to the south, and decides to accompany them on their medicine run until he can better understand the situation in the basin.

While passing through Haven, the party encounters Vaine, who blackmails them into performing another job for him.  Venturing to a ruin to the north east, taking a magical locator with them so that he can later teleport there for some unknown purpose.

The party travels north and gets a guide from Blackwater and then heads east.



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