End of Dreams

Before the Dawn

The first session – To put it briefly, the Se7en continued there terrible streak of luck in finding work.

In a short confrontation Denga and (who else?) faced off with the  Black Hands at the hunters guild while Dal stood off to the side watching.

That night the party was greeted by a mysterious cloaked figure (Vaine) who offered them good money to  journey north to a kobold warren in search of a relic he was seeking, in direct violation of the no provocation policy of Lord Victor.

The party suspiciously accepted and headed out the next morning.

What ensued was a bloody and chaotic raid, wiping out every living soul in the warrens, and successfully retrieving the amulet.  They also found a large sealed cave, which was opened by the proximity of the amulet.

Deciding to explore, they were ambushed by a young black dragon who proceeded to demolish the party.  The group fled, barely escaping with their lives, and limped back into Haven.



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