End of Dreams

Crystal Caverns

As they descend into the caves weird streams of distorted time wreak havoc. As they are crossing a vast beam of glass, they are attacked, and the beam gives way plunging them into the darkness below. Separated and saved by the twisting streams of flowing time, they find themselves scattered in a maze far beneath the earth.

Each sees strange sights, things from the past, the present, images of themselves or friends, things from history or perhaps the future, until finally Cyrus and Kalen find themselves in a pentagonal chamber, staring at a pedastal of light holding a strange pendant. As they lift the pendant, the walls crack, and they find themselves under attack by a swarm of crystalline spiders.

The rest of the party finds them just in time, and the group fights their way free.

Eventually the party comes to a vast chamber, with a sword embedded into a mound of crystal. As they approach the mound animates into a giant crystalline titan, the guardian of the hall. The party quickly reduces it to rubble, but before they can leave, they are stopped by Garet/Remiel, who after a long battle agrees to let them leave, as long as they promise to take the blade and go, never returning to Haven.

On leaving the caves, Gaz is assaulted by a blast of messages seemingly all jumbled together. It is deciphered that they have been in the cave for a month, and that the time distortion has delivered all of the sendings that had been in transit all at once in a hopeless jumble.

As Denga’s visions grow darker the party gates back to Ravens Roost, hoping for more information.



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