End of Dreams

Festival Fun

Haven was shut down for the Spring Equinox festival.  The floating market came to town, a mass of small halfling boats and barges tied together across the river.

Denga and Cyrus enrolled in a grand melee tourney and were victorious in the battle royale.  Denga then enrolled in an individual competition.

As the festival wore on, Gaz found herself the object of interest for a visiting Nobleman, Gerald Terrant, and stalked by a strange man, Aaron. Denga spotted Victor Belmonte in a tavern, and Cyrus dealt with a Dwarf smith who took a liking to him, and offered to make him a fine suit of armor if Cyrus could provide the elemental Iron.

As the evening would down Denga competed in the arena, winning his first match before losing horribly and brutally to Darshan, who was disqualified for the brutal beating he gave Denga.



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