End of Dreams

Haven Alight

In Ravens Roost the party learns that Sangreal has grow impatient, and led a force against Haven. Aaron has gone with them hoping to help keep things under control, but an eruption of magical defenses leaves the attack force trapped between the glowing walls and the orcish hordes.

Aaron has made his way inside hoping to stop Vaine, but communication has been cut off.

Gerald was unable to learn much, but believes that Lilith the founder of the cult of Infernus didn’t actually die, but left the plane. Despite his objections the party insists that Terrant come with them to try and stop Vaine, since he has agreed to help until Vaine’s death.

The party gates to the altar of Infernus, inside the city of Haven. The party follows Vaines trail down into the depths of the city, past the keystone they had found before and into elderglass tunnels far beneath the city. Eventually they confront Vaine in a vast chamber, the centrepiece of which is a large block of crystal with a skeleton sealed inside.

A battle breaks out, during which Remiel faces off with Terrant, And the party holds off Darshan while trying to kill Vaine. The sword they found at Dreams End flies away from Dal, and peirces the block of crystal. Just as the block breaks, freeing the Herald Kain, Vaine falls under the flaming onslaught from Gaz and Kalen, and collapses into a burning heap as Gaz rips out his soul.

With the Herald free, he rips free the soul from Darhsan’s body, healing himself, then reclaims the soul that Gaz had taken, completing the process and leaving a very human looking, very unbalanced middle aged man.

But as Remiel and Terrant flee the chamber, and Kain begins to toy with the party, it’s very clear that he is far more powerful than they can deal with. When he at last tires of the game, he erupts the room into a fury of magic, expanding the fill the entire chamber.

The party falls back, and at the last second Gaz, listening to some voice only she can hear, uses some sealed power of the pendant to tear a hole through the planar fabric, hurling the party across the multiverse.



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