End of Dreams

Interlude 2

Everything happened so fast.  Once you stepped through the portal into Haven, life became a whirlwind, funneling you into an inescapable destination.  The descent into the depths beneath the crystal city, feeling your options stripped away one by one with each alternate avenue disappearing behind you.


As you stepped into the chamber that had held the Herald captive back beyond living memory, you could almost feel the doors of your fate slam shut behind you.  There was no turning back, you were committed.


As the battle raged, you thought you had a chance.. Gerald held Remiel back, the power rolling off of them in their struggle almost visible as they danced their subtle dance.  Denga charged in, caught up in a battle frenzy as he engaged Darshan, or what had once been the massive Black Hand.  Vaine staggered under the combined onslaught of flame and steel, but somehow held his feet in display of inhuman resiliency.


But then the sword was lost.. Remiel managed to turn the tide all at once by knocking Lokdal loose from Dal’s grasp.  The blade flew, with unerring accuracy and pierced the crystal prison of the Herald that had endured so well for these past thousands of years.  As the prison collapsed, with it went any hope of victory, as the Herald walked free for the first time in uncounted centuries.  The being that it took the might of armies of ancients to imprison was free, and the world shuddered with his steps.


Still somehow, you managed to defy his will, as Vaine was killed before Kain could use him to fulfill whatever dark purpose he had intended.  The spirit that had animated him tore free, howling in rage as his soul was ripped from the empty shell by Gaz.  Still the effort proved less effective than hoped, when Kain reclaimed the lost soul while you stood by impotently.


As he sealed you in, your allies and enemies alike deserted you as Remiel and Gerald melted away into the tunnels.  The sheer power of the man was impossible, shattering your defenses and bodies like kindling.  But still he seemed vulnerable, perhaps weakened by his long imprisonment, and terribly unbalanced.  You made attempt after attempt to penetrate his tricks, his deceptions, and his defenses, but succeeded only in angering him.


As he took to the air, and the flames began to engulf the room, you thought all was lost, that your deaths were at hand.  Nothing you did seemed to slow him down, and now he seemed intent on cremating you all in a mass bonfire of his all consuming will.  As the world began to burn, Gaz called you together in one last desperate attempt at escape across the veil of realities.  The world shimmered around you, as the floor fell away and you felt yourselves swallowed into the infinite darkness of the void between worlds.


For a moment all was peaceful, then you began to feel a pull, a tug, of the very fabric of reality resisting the speed with which you moved.  Lights and nebulas raced past, as if you were being hurled through the very stars in the sky.  You clung desperately to the magical fabric that held you together, to the power that dragged you screaming through the void, but the pull was inexorable.  One by one you were pulled free, Dal first, fell away into the night, streaking towards a glowing green light, followed quickly by Kalen, hurled into a raging storm of chaos and darkness.  Aaron and Cyrus were next to be torn away, though they managed to hold tight to each other as they were dragged into a cluster of winking lights.  The last thing they saw before their vision went dark, the shimmering spar of power, streaking through the sky, carrying their last visible comrades towards some unknown fate at the heart of the swirling chaotic void.


What followed was different for each person, and it is up to them what they share and do not. 



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