End of Dreams

Politics for Pyros 1

The party made it to Galifar, and found the refugees being held indefinitly. They also found horrific attrocities being done in the name of cleansing the populace.  Gaz and Cyrus attacked and then in a mad rush assaulted the king's council chamber finding it held in thrall to another of these strange Winged Spirits.  This one tall, somewhat gaunt and holding leashes to councilmembers and the king.

In an amazingly brief battle, the human being controlled by the host was defeated, and the council regained their senses.


On the other side of the valley in Raven's roost Kalen's group lay under seige in Callas's tower.  Bondsmages and hired mercenaries burst in in waves, to be turned back by well timed bursts of magic, alchemy and artifice.  But in the end, the defenders were forced to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds.  Evrae was able to get a message to the entire city, warning of recent events, while Kalen was manipulated into challenging Karak in the arena.



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