End of Dreams

Waking the Dreamer

Cut off from the rest of the party, Kalen, Aaron and Cyrus work tirelessly, gathering information, trying to find their comrades from the relative safe haven of Sigil. Eventually Aaron tires of the search, and leaves the city to scour the planes more directly.

After some time, Kalen finally finds a way, and investing all of their resources, pulls Dal and Denga through gateways to the streets of Sigil. He is unable, however to find Gaz, but he knows her life is fading fast.

Locating her spark in the planescape, he opens a portal and goes to retrieve her. Cyrus stays behind to block the passageway, and kills countless warped dream fragments who try and escape.

The party finds themselves on a boat on a river, staring at a girl with kaleidoscope eyes. She points the way to their comrade, and they fight their way across the reactive dreamscape to get to her.

In a long drawn out battle, the party finally reaches the sleeping Gaz surrounded by dozens of swarming dream fragments and the strange creatures that were keeping her captive. As she wakes, the landscape ignites in a massive conflagration, and beams of light erupt from the distant boat. The girl on the deck held the massing creatures at bay long enough for the party to return and escape.



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