Class: Necromancer

Paragon: Summoner

Epic Destiny: Adept

Race: Human

Height: 5’ 7”

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Black

Skin: Pale


Backstory: Gaz is the youngest child and only daughter of the Prophet of Infernus. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father was very protective. When her father arranged a marriage for her to Cyric, a well known nobel’s son, Gaz rebelled. She did not like others making decisions for her, and she didn’t even like Cyric, so she pursued the only thing she could to get out of the marriage – she joined the Church of Infernus. Immediatly after joining the Church Gaz started to pick up magic. Her desire for knowledge consumed her and she spent days upon days in the library of Infernus learning more about her God and His magic. Quite by accident she stumbled upon an ancient life energy magic and it caught her attention. She began the secret study of life energies and quietly practiced as much as possible, manipulating all forms of life energy to bend to her will. When the Prophet discovered what she was doing he banished her from the cult, casting her above ground. When Gaz emerged from the temple she was scared and nervous, having never been above ground before. She wandered for days around town looking for a place to fit in and finally found the Se7en. Gaz keeps to herself as much as possible around her comrades, since the cult of Infernus is still strongly discriminated against and she fears for her life if anyone found out her connections to them. She is trying to start a new life, free of the obligations of being the Prophet’s daughter. Despite being away from the temple and the library Gaz still practices her life energy magic. She tries to be discrete about it, since it seems obviously taboo, but she cannot deny her passion for the subject.


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