End of Dreams

Into the Machine

The party found a way deeper into the great machine, and found it seemed to be made of a form of elderglass. In the depths they found a great keypad, dotted with symbols in the same ancient language they had seen before.

While investigating they were again attacked by Remiel, but he was unable to sustain the assault, and eventually drove his body to destruction.

On returning to the surface, they heard a whispered voice, Vaine notifying them that he would poison the city if they would not come out from their hiding and face him.

Catwalks and Chaos

Searching for a way out of the city for the trapped orcs, and for the refuges, the party explored the undercity of haven, finding that it seems to have been built on a much more complex and ancient sub structure. They found a complex system of aqueducts and some sort of mechanism to pump the water that has been damaged and disabled, but were unable to find a way out.

While exploring they were attacked by a group of the shadowed humans, led by the smiling man (Remiel). During the fight he seemed to be pushing his form beyond human limits, and was eventually tossed into the roiling waters in the depths of Haven.

Under New Management

First session back after the interlude, Denga and Cyrus defending the cult of infernus under Haven and encountering an orc tribe trapped beneath the city.  The tribe had been trapped inside during the invasion, and was looking for a way out.  Denga and Cyrus managed to befriend the chief, and discovered he had a weapon made from elderglass.

Gaz had a long encounter with Terrant in Merentha, but eventually convinced him to come south to assist, at a price to be named later.

Kalen hired on with Karak in order to infiltrate the new  administration in Ravens Roost, while Dal made contacts with the thieves guild there, before heading back to Haven.

Interlude 1

We left off with the party dividing.  Gaz and Aaron headed underground to find their people, while the rest of the group made their way through the streets to the home of Captain Martel, attempting to convince him of what they had seen over the past few days.  These talks proceeded for some time, but ended with Martel still requiring more proof.  Over the next few days, the flames consuming the city finally died as the storm clouds that had birthed a fiery apocalypse broke, and poured rain down on the city.  When the dust settled, the keep finally gave up under the strain and collapsed into rubble.  Rumours had started to spread, and pamphlets were posted, decrying the cult of Infernus as Criminals and terrorists, who were working with the forces of the Dragon Nox.  According to these rumours, the monstrous demon worshipers had set fire to the city, and in the ensuing chaos invaded the keep, and slain Lord Victor.  No mention was made of Vain, but the documents all bore his seal.  No faces or names were posted, but the Seven were named as conspirators with Infernus, and their lives were declared forfeit, Captain Martel, while still not totally convinced, agreed to hide you all until you could contact Gaz and Aaron.

After two days, Aaron and Gaz appeared at the house with Avalice in tow.  They had struck an agreement, and Aaron would be helping the refugees from Starfall hide from Vaine, and whatever vile plans he had for them.  The entire group, refugees of the fire god and of starfall, would be moving through the underground tunnels beneath the city, hiding in the hundreds of safehouses and caverns to be found their.  Aaron would be coordinating their defence and trying to keep them safe from the mobs above and the orcs below.  Gaz brought with her, the recording she had made of the last few minutes of the battle, which finally managed to convince Martel.  The decision was made, that the Black Hands would stay to assist in the defence and relocation of the refugees, working with Aaron.  They would also be trying to present a respoectable front, while passing information on what had happened to the other mercenary companies that had been enlisted in the army.  Avalice would be headed for Raven's Roost to try and determine what had transpired there, and had hoped that Kalen would go with him, where the two of them might move more easily than a larger group since they were both members of the College there, Avalice used to sit on their council in fact.

The only question that remains.. Is what will you choose to do?  The city is still under assault from the outside, and the survivors desperately require outside aid.  Both to save them from the Dragon on the outside, and Vaine on the inside.


- The rest has been private communication up to this point, what happened to each party member on their own journeys remains a bit of a mystery-


After a brief confrontation the party was subdued and arrested, and then dragged into the depths of the Keep to await trial and summary execution.  Dal tried to show the human soldiers what evil they were to be subject to, but they were simply too afraid of the perceived monstrous and manipulative cultists to listen.  The party loosened their bonds, and after enduring a rant by Vaine settled down to get some rest in the dungeons.  When they woke in the early afternoon, they set about making their escape.  The process was almost, suspiciously easy, as the guards were inept and there was no backup.  It could have been a setup, or perhaps, it was due to the disarray caused by the still out of control inferno raging in the trade district.  As they subdued the guards, the door to the dungeon was broken open as Aaron and Cyric burst in attempting to rescue the party.  Avalice was quickly freed and the decision was made to attempt to get to Victor, since they were allready nearby and the Keep's defenses were in turmoil.  The party left, sealing Avalice in behind them, allowing him time to recover his strength and then make his own way out.

The group rushed upwards through the Keep, fighting a running battle with guards, human and supposedly possessed alike.  They quickly subdued or scattered what forces came up against them, and charged ahead in the confusion that followed.  They easily made their way up to the top of the south tower, where it was thought Victor might be housed, as it was in theory the safest place in the city.  Bursting in, they found him alone sitting before a warm fire, bundled up in an easy chair.  The party explained their position, and after many false starts managed to show him that something odd was going on.  Even this wasn't enough to buy his acceptance of their story however, but it was enough to peak his curiosity.  They hit upon something that would help though, when they discovered that Victor and Avalice were old friends, and that he hadn't been aware of Avalice's imprisonment.  The decision was made to find Avalice so that he could explain what Vaine had been up to, but before it could be acted upon, Vaine broke into the room.

After some brief attempts at deception, Vaine revealed what he had done to his father, and then in a brief and violent confrontation, killed him viciously.  The party fell upon the murderer Vaine, but were unable to pin him down, or it seemed.. Significantly harm him.  During the battle Cyric was impaled and blasted through a stone wall, assumed fallen, as well as Kalen taking several Brutal hits, though managing through a fluke of luck and skill, to deflect the worst of them.  When the tide at least appeared to be turning, and Vaine showing some signs of wear, something changed, and in a moment half the room was blasted to rubbled in a massive shockwave.  In the wake of the blast Kalen was knocked unconcious and much of the party was badly wounded.  Vaine attempted to finish off Aaron while he lay senseless, but was deflected just in time.  The party made the quick decision to flee the battle and began to leap out from the balcony.  As the last turned to flee, Cyric was seen staggering out of the rubble, his wrists slashed and his body burning.  He shouted for the stragglers to flee, and then threw himself at Vaine.  He was impaled, and nearly ripped apart, but held his ground as the flames gained in intensity.  As the party struggled to their feet, dragging their wounded away from the keep through crowds of stunned onlookers, the clouds parted and a tornado of flame descended, melting the south tower into slag.

New Troops

while headed out to the walls to investigate the nature of the strange new guards the party stumbled upon the scene of something terrible.  Two new arrivals to the city, relocated to a small home in the trade district by Vaine's men, were laying seemingly dead, with a young child slaughtered upstairs.

After some discussion, arguments, and investigation.  They were discovered at their task by Vaine's new aid Saric and 5 guards.  A battle ensued, which came close to claiming several lives.  This was mostly due to the attackers disconcerting habit of getting back up after they had been slain.  After some time it was discovered that fire seemed to prevent them healing their wounds, and the method was quickly employed full scale.  In hindsight, perhaps a bit indiscriminately since the flames quickly spread to engulf the building, the street, and then the district.

Fearing that Vaine would quickly discover the cause of the blaze, and use it to his advantage, the party fled the area.  They made their way towards the home of Captain Martel, but were stopped partway by a messenger from the Prophet Cyric.  He informed them that the mage Avalice had been seen entering the Keep earlier that day, and hadn't been seen since.  Cyric had attempted to contact him, but had been unable.  He was able to deduce though, that the mage yet lived.

Gaz and Aaron left to report to Cyric, and the rest of the party decided to accompany them.  After explaining what had happened with the fire, and with the regenerating guards, Cyric reasoned that the people were not undead, at least not all of them, but that they were something different.  Someone threw around the word "possessed" which seemed to fit better than anything else.  He also reasoned that Vaine would use the fire as an excuse to move against his people in force, which was revealed to be correct when a half hour later, when leaving to continue to the home of Captain Martel, Dal and Cyrus ran almost head first into invading soldiers.
  on the inside.

The Seige at Starfall

A brutal seige by a large orcish tribe.  The party succeeds in inspiring the troops and defending the walls, but their numbers are worn down all the same.  Aaron, Gaz and Garret rush out in a sortie to rescue refugees on their way to the safety of the walls, nearly dying in the process.

Finally a hole is blown in the outer wall, allowing the orcs to rush the gap.  As the orcs swarm in, the defensive positions are abandoned and the party falls back.  Lost in the fire and chaos, Denga is assaulted by Darshan, backed up by Jayne and a few mercenaries with crossbows.

As the fight turns, the Captain Martel arrives and breaks up the fight, getting to the bottom of the betrayal.  He maims Darshan horribly, cutting through his tendons and tongue, before leaving him for the orcs.

The party sails out to the site of a Burning city with the refugees and  Avalice, the rules of Starfall aboard.

On arriving back in town, they are witness to devastation left by a dragon attack, and vaine declaring Martial Law under his rule (with his father being wounded)

Work Together?

The party makes a stopover at the dragons lair to retreive its hoard, and find that Nox has declared war on Haven and Orcs have begun raiding all along the countryside.

The party is sent out as part of a joint operation with the Black Hands to try and save the town of Starfall, currently under seige.  The trip there is somewhat eventful, with revealing conversations involving Denga and Astrid, as well as Gaz and Aaron. 

A Grand History

The party heads in, and is confronted by a flaming being speaking an unknown language (an ancient elemental dialect ) who attacks to prevent them from entering.

A long battle rages, and Gaz leaves to avoid traps that became active during the battle, only to be attacked by the black dragon who has followed them here. In a long running battle, the party defeats the dragon and severs its head as a trophy.

Inside the ruin, they are witness to what amounts to a celestial slideshow, seeming to recap some history in the same unknown language.  They set the marker as Vaine told them to do, and left to head west.

Sadly without their guide, the party became terribly lost for several weeks.  While they wandered, a great black dragon flew by overhead heading west (Nox)

When they arrive at Blackwater, they find it destroyed, and head south to Haven.

The Ruins Await

The party clears out a tribe of kobolds living around the ruins, and as the amulet they retrieved gets closer to the location, a pyramid like structure rises from the swamp.


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