End of Dreams

Politics for Pyros 1

The party made it to Galifar, and found the refugees being held indefinitly. They also found horrific attrocities being done in the name of cleansing the populace.  Gaz and Cyrus attacked and then in a mad rush assaulted the king's council chamber finding it held in thrall to another of these strange Winged Spirits.  This one tall, somewhat gaunt and holding leashes to councilmembers and the king.

In an amazingly brief battle, the human being controlled by the host was defeated, and the council regained their senses.


On the other side of the valley in Raven's roost Kalen's group lay under seige in Callas's tower.  Bondsmages and hired mercenaries burst in in waves, to be turned back by well timed bursts of magic, alchemy and artifice.  But in the end, the defenders were forced to surrender in the face of overwhelming odds.  Evrae was able to get a message to the entire city, warning of recent events, while Kalen was manipulated into challenging Karak in the arena.

Politics for Pyros 2

Resuming where we left off.  The Se7en were split, with Gaz and Cyrus in Galifar Keep explaining recent events to Sangreal, Aaron at the Galifar docks standing vigil over the refugees from Haven, Dal and Denga asleep in their overpriced room at the Inn of the White Shield.

Kalen however remained far away in Raven's roost, awaiting the coming dawn and the moment of his execution at the hands of Karak Algotha

The party (Minus Kalen) gathered at their inn and conducted some rapid business, finally having an opportunity to trade their various trade goods for cash and more useful items.  Gaz and Dal searched fruitlessly for a known teleportation circle on the inland sea, while Denga and Cyrus hunted for better equipment.

Having settled accounts, the party finally made the journey east to find their missing comrade, appearing in the center of the college via teleportation circle just as Evrae made his plea to the people. ( see  Politics for Pyros)

As they tried to figure out what was happening, they were found by Gerald Terrant who explained that he had been waiting here for them.  He informed them that he had spent the time gathering information from the currents flowing through the town.  Hurriedly he informed them that they were being tracked, and that travelling by portal to the east might lead to some unpleasant surprises.  It would be wiser to travel overland, which, while still leaving them open to attack, would allow them more time to prepare their defenses, as opposed to blindly walking into an unseen city.

Gerald let them know that he expected to be given access to the library in Ravens Roost as partial payment, and that  their friend was being held prisoner.  He also informed them of a potentially interesting event about to occur to the east.  He was careful to point out that he could no read the future, but rather was reading the fingerprints of someone else on the currents of posibility.  That someone seemed to be trying to create a confluence of chance in the near future in the street nearby.

When the party left to observe, they lost sight of Gerald, and were witness to a strange sight.  The Dwarves of the city were marching on the Arena, led reluctantly by Boffer Redbeard.  They were confronted by Karak, and things quickly devolved into an impending physical assault when they were stopped by William Callas who played on Karak's ego to con him into agreeing to settle the dispute in the arena the next day when he fought Kalen.  The mob dispersed after that, and the pary headed to a nearby inn for the night.  They were startled by a message from Callas (delivered into the thigh of Dal) saying "Keep him in the open, at ALL costs" the all was a bit of a mystery at the time, but they later came to decide that it meant Karak.

Kalen spent the night in fear for his life, and the coming dawn.  When morning came, he and Durgeddon were taken to a ready room and given a few minutes to prepare.  Durgeddon took the opportunity to impart some advice to Kalen, trying to impress upon him the importance of this battle, and of staying alive. Told him that  it was easy to die with honour and play the martyr, but it took reeal comitment to do what needed to be done, and be hated for it.  Durgeddon infused him with some sort of runic augmentation, to help him in the coming fight.

When the duel commenced things seemed evenly matched, but as time wore on Kalens lack of experience started to tell, and as the runic bolstering faded he could no longer keep up with Karak.  As the tide turned, the rest of the party joined in, sending out a public outcry against the cheaters.  Guards moved in to arrest the party, but were fended off.  Even against all 5, Karak held his ground, until in a bolt of destruction from the sky,  Orymm crashed down in earth elemental form, leaving only a smoking crater for Karak stood.

As the dust cleared, the bondsmages, realizing their figurehead for legitamacy was dead, moved in to kill the observers and rebels.  Orymm stood and called out to Darrel that he was now the ranking master, and to clean up this mess.  He did.. something… expanding his aura outwards to encompass the entire city, and in the blink of an eye the bondsmages were gone, and the city subtly altered.

Dreams of Ravens 1

We picked up where we left off, with the party standing dazed in the Arena of Raven's Roost.  What had been a battleground moments before was once again neatly raked sand, with a new pine fresh scent.

As the Dust settled the masters of the city gathered around, and on retreiving Kalen, retreated to private quarters to discuss what was to be done in the aftermath of the attempted coup, and what if anything needed to be done to protect the city against possible coming retribution.

The party wanders about the city trying to establish what happened, finds the library in disarray and everything in chaos.  They find an old burnt out temple to Infernus and on exploring it are attacked by rabble.

Dreams of Ravens 2

The party continues their work to get Tarrant admited to the library, and meet with the Masters.  Gaz meets the master summoner Raylin, and Cyrus is given a commendation by Sangreal.

Gaz witnesses something very strange, a man with incredibly good magical sheilding, wearing mismatched armor and carrying a sword the size of a man.  Followed by a shadow that seems barely attached, which dissolved into a 3 dimensional man, incredibly gaunt and pale, wearing a mask and various brutal looking weapons who spoke only in a disturbing verse.

"Pretty eyes you have my dear.. pretty eyes to see.. but i won't tell you twice my girl.   You Shouldn't be lookin at me."

The Low Road 1

The party meets with the dwarven council at dunharrow and makes the risky choice.  To travel underground to a lake in the mountains, and then find their own path east from there.

There is a short and brutal fight in the tunnels as they are swarmed by spiders and a few stirges who flock to feed on the remains.

The party stopped to camp on the edge of the valley, looking out over a lake with several small huts in the distance, and loud blasting honking noises echoing over the water.

The Low Road 2

During the night, Denga was again haunted by disturbing Dreams, but little attention was paid to them by anyone but Denga at the time.  The party ventured out across the valley, and was attacked by a Hydra ( the great Murk) .  While they defended themselves, eventually felling the great beast, the tribe of lizard folk who lived along the banks of the lake charged in to defend their god.  This led to their prompt obliteration by Kalen and Cyrus, whi made incredibly short work of the massing humanoids.

The tribes Shaman Slyth, was captured by Cyrus and intimidated into revealing the locations of exits from the valley, and then released.  The parts spent some time exploring, and then searching for the Hydras lair to no avail, before inquiring with the lizardfolk survivors.  The cowed lizards informed them that the great Murk lived in the city under the lake.

This peaked the curiosity of the party, who begandives into the depths of the lake aided by underwater breathing rituals, looking for signs of this city and of the hydra's lair.

When the sun was about to set, they dropped a sunrod into the chasm in the middle of the lake, revealing shards of glass embedded into the chasm walls.  And as the sun set, the light refracted off of submerged trasparent builds, revealing a sunken city sprawled across the bottom of the lake.

A Study in Depth

The Party began dives into the ruins looking for treasure.  They turned up several unique and interesting artifacts before a run of bad luck led to a catastrophic failure in the side of the lake bed, sucking in Cyrus.  He was saved from being pulled into the Underdark only by Herculian efforts and amazing luck.

After the excitement, the party camped near the entrance to the Underdark, making plans to delve in the next day.

Balance of Power 1

Delving underground the party met with a Dwarven warrior who had been living underground for far too long. According to him he was all that was left of the previous expedition, but instead of returning to the city he had remained, trying to retrieve the remains of his comrades for proper burial. With his help, the party started to fight their way deeper into the depths, battling Troglodytes.

Balance of Power 2

The party managed to defeat the Troglodyte leaders, retrieve the corpse of Karn’s first comrade, and escape into the dark before being surrounded by the rest of the tribe. Denga continued to be haunted by dreams, growing so strong that he actually started battling phantom attackers while awake, nearly hurling himself off a cliff.

Balance of Power 3

The party makes its way further into the depths, getting lost, be eventually finding their way to the crossroads of the region. The water filled lair of a young black dragon. The party tried to negotiate, but eventually were forced into combat, defeating the beast and looting it’s horde, amongst which were an elven made mithril mask and vicious claw.


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