End of Dreams

Before the Dawn

The first session – To put it briefly, the Se7en continued there terrible streak of luck in finding work.

In a short confrontation Denga and (who else?) faced off with the  Black Hands at the hunters guild while Dal stood off to the side watching.

That night the party was greeted by a mysterious cloaked figure (Vaine) who offered them good money to  journey north to a kobold warren in search of a relic he was seeking, in direct violation of the no provocation policy of Lord Victor.

The party suspiciously accepted and headed out the next morning.

What ensued was a bloody and chaotic raid, wiping out every living soul in the warrens, and successfully retrieving the amulet.  They also found a large sealed cave, which was opened by the proximity of the amulet.

Deciding to explore, they were ambushed by a young black dragon who proceeded to demolish the party.  The group fled, barely escaping with their lives, and limped back into Haven.

A Long Days Night - Part 1

The party gets their first real job in months, and heads east to delivery some sensitive item to a merchant in Ravens Roost.  On the way they encounter some small resistance, and are then ambushed by local brigands.  In a close battle, the party is defeated and left bloody and broken on the side of the road.  They limp the rest of the way to the city, and make their way in.

A Long Days Night - Part 2

(Brandon, cant remember character name) gets in trouble with the local theives guild, and it turns out that the mistress of the guild is the sister of his ex fiance.  Lots of things about his complex and involved backstory are gone throguh for no reason since he quit after this session.  The rest of the evening mostly involved him confronting Orymm, and sneaking into the house of the person they were delivering a package to in order to steal something for her.  He escaped by the skin of his teeth, and the party left town quickly to return to Haven.

Sins of the Father

The party was split when Gaz went underground to find out what was going on with the cult of Infernus.  As she learned what had happened to her father, the rest of the Se7en headed out on a mission to the north.

They found a small settlement under attack by a small force of goblins and orcs.  They fought off the invaders, rescued the residents, and headed back into town meeting up with Gaz.

Festival Fun

Haven was shut down for the Spring Equinox festival.  The floating market came to town, a mass of small halfling boats and barges tied together across the river.

Denga and Cyrus enrolled in a grand melee tourney and were victorious in the battle royale.  Denga then enrolled in an individual competition.

As the festival wore on, Gaz found herself the object of interest for a visiting Nobleman, Gerald Terrant, and stalked by a strange man, Aaron. Denga spotted Victor Belmonte in a tavern, and Cyrus dealt with a Dwarf smith who took a liking to him, and offered to make him a fine suit of armor if Cyrus could provide the elemental Iron.

As the evening would down Denga competed in the arena, winning his first match before losing horribly and brutally to Darshan, who was disqualified for the brutal beating he gave Denga.

Business as Usual

The Se7en are hired to escort a migrating dwarf smith north to Galafar.  He turns out to be the same smith that took a liking to Cyrus at the fair.

The party travels north and finds themselves under attack by orcs, who are acting increasingly eratically and violently in the surrounding countryside.

They eventually win clear, and deliver the dwarf.  Cyrus receives a chilly reception, and ends up in a street fight over a tiefling youth being abused.

Another Job

The party looks for work while in Galifar, and finds a few possibilities.  They have the opportunity to travel north to Merentha, or to make a medicine run to the east to Blackwater.

They opt  to travel east, and begin wandering south.  On the road they encounter Kalen, a fire mage who is fighting for his life against monstrous attackers.  He tags along with the party back to the south, and decides to accompany them on their medicine run until he can better understand the situation in the basin.

While passing through Haven, the party encounters Vaine, who blackmails them into performing another job for him.  Venturing to a ruin to the north east, taking a magical locator with them so that he can later teleport there for some unknown purpose.

The party travels north and gets a guide from Blackwater and then heads east.

The Ruins Await

The party clears out a tribe of kobolds living around the ruins, and as the amulet they retrieved gets closer to the location, a pyramid like structure rises from the swamp.

A Grand History

The party heads in, and is confronted by a flaming being speaking an unknown language (an ancient elemental dialect ) who attacks to prevent them from entering.

A long battle rages, and Gaz leaves to avoid traps that became active during the battle, only to be attacked by the black dragon who has followed them here. In a long running battle, the party defeats the dragon and severs its head as a trophy.

Inside the ruin, they are witness to what amounts to a celestial slideshow, seeming to recap some history in the same unknown language.  They set the marker as Vaine told them to do, and left to head west.

Sadly without their guide, the party became terribly lost for several weeks.  While they wandered, a great black dragon flew by overhead heading west (Nox)

When they arrive at Blackwater, they find it destroyed, and head south to Haven.

Work Together?

The party makes a stopover at the dragons lair to retreive its hoard, and find that Nox has declared war on Haven and Orcs have begun raiding all along the countryside.

The party is sent out as part of a joint operation with the Black Hands to try and save the town of Starfall, currently under seige.  The trip there is somewhat eventful, with revealing conversations involving Denga and Astrid, as well as Gaz and Aaron. 


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